Friday, December 28, 2007

A Family Tradition

I grew up in a big family, and my parents always had an open house. In 1971 they realised that there were not enough days during Christmas to invite everybody to our home. My granddad was a school master and for one night every Christmas mum and dad hired the gym at the school where my grandparents lived. The gym was big enough to invite our huge and fast growing circle of friends and family.
8 years in a row my parents hosted their huge Christmas party there. Then my granddad died and no party was held.
20 years ago the next generation took up the tradition again, and now we come together every year during one of the Christmas days.
The annual party has been celebrated several different places, but last night we were back in the same old gym at the school where my grandparents lived. Where I spent so much of my childhood. Some of the buildings were gone, new had come, but the old gym was just the same. And the row of paintings of the old school masters was still there, granddad Johannes the nicest among all the old men.
Photos: we all bring food to share at the party. The 4 photos show the creamcake I made.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful-sounding family you have. Your creamcake looks delicious!