Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Book Corner - Guestblogger Darla

There are so many wonderful cookbooks. As a Guest Blogger it was hard to choose just one. I decided to share the book Mexico the Beautiful with you. I've used a number of the recipes but the photographs in the book are so magnificent that sometimes I just leaf through it and I'm transported immediately. This is a cookbook and an art book in one.
Mexico is a big country and the cuisine is traditionally quite diverse and tied to what is available locally. We've visited many times and several places. Our favorite is a small village on the Pacific Coast in the state of Oaxaca. A little trivia question, did you know that the turkey is indigenous to Mexico?

Perhaps one of the most commonly known foods from Mexico is Salsa. There are many types of salsa, again recipes are regional.
Here are two salsa recipes with ingredients that are pretty much readily available, especially if the summer if you have a garden. Thank you Britt-Arnhild for inviting me to the Blue Cafe to blog. I enjoyed it although now I feel an urgent need for a tortilla.

Thank you Darla for being my first guest blogger here in The Blue Café's Bok Corner. The Book Corner is open for guests every Sunday. Let me know if you want to come over.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Darla! Loved the cookbook and your comments. I have the same book only it's about Italy and they are fun to cook from and also just fun to read.

Ardi said...

I don't know what happened - the above comment was from Ardi.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hey Darla and Britt-Arnhild! I have a Mexican man in my kitchen painting the ceiling right now...wonder if I could get him to come off the ladder and whip up some authentic COMIDA for me?
I wondered recently if they had turkey down I know!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Ardi - Darla's writing makes me want to try making some Mexican food some day :-)

Shappyinthecity - have you asked him.....;-)

ann.markle said...

Turkey is also indigenous further north, of course -- the first European settlers had it here, nearly 400 years ago. I love those beautiful cookbook/picture books -- my friend calls them "gastro-porn!" I have one from Italy, as well!