Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to the advent party

Tomorrow is the first day of advent. I have been excited like a child for a long time now, and have day by day tried to set myself in an advent mood, slowing down my steps.Today has been a day off in schools, and Marta and her cousin came downtown to meet me after work. They wanted to visit clothes shops, and as a good mother I went with them of course, continuing to the Panduro craft shop where there are tons of crafty temptations. We bought a few, and when we came home the girls sat down at the dinigroom table to make beaded snowflakes and stamped Christmas cards, while I started to make the traditional slow down, party, comfort, love food of the Wigum (my birth name) family - vafler.
After a while Terje came home from work (he plays cage ball after work every Friday). He made a fire, and we all sat down to enjoy the crackling flames and the tasty and comforting vafler.
Tomorrow advent starts, and in celebration, there is a party going on over at The House in the Woods. Welcome over. I have enough vafler for everybody.

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