Saturday, November 3, 2007

Warm and sweet foccaccia

In pouring rain, Terje and I was out in the garden this morning to do the very last winter preparations. Now the garden is ready for winter.
The rain made us freezing all through our bodies, and as soon as were finished I went in to make a sweet foccaccia. Originally I got my foccaccia recipe from Ilva's food blog, and I make it several times a week. Sometimes topped with salt, or olives, sundried tomatos or whatever I have at hand. Other times I am in a more sweet mood and top it with sugar, almonds, raisins, berries or other sweets.

I love a rising dough in a warm kitchen. Love the anticipation of the fragrance I know will fill the house when I start baking the bread, love the anticipation of a meal, alone or with family or friends.
Todays foccaccia was topped with olive oil, sugar and almonds. I still have almonds left over from last Christmas, and will use them before I start shopping alot more for this year's Christmas baking.

Still hot, the foccaccia is served on plates handpainted with Provence memories of a dear friend of mine.


marita said...

how i would like to sit at your table on a sunday morning, enjoying the fres baked focaccia and....mozart!!

Marie-Noëlle said...

Only cigadas are missing...
Has Marta still got that little box - to create the atmosphere...?