Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The simple life

The simple life is an important philosophy in The Blue Café. Simple can still be creative and exotic, and I love to challenge my fantasy. The simple life in cooking is for me homemade food. Grocery shopping is an important task during the day, though I never like spending too much time in a shop. I love to wander through the fruit and vegetable section of the store while planning what to cook, or look through the cheese shelves to see if there is anythying new to try. At the same time I often feel at my best in the kitchen when I can compose a dish mostly from leftovers. Like today :-). I knew there were several cooked potatoes already in the fridge, laying side by side with a thick, juicy sausage. In the vegetable shelf in my fridge I have the half of a paprika, so all I had to buy today was some shell pasta (and a box of some old fashioned chocolate, "kremtopper", for the afternoon coffee).
While waiting for the pasta shells to get the right al dente feeling, I diced the sausage, the potatoes and the paprica and braised it all together in olive oil. When the pasta shells were finished I mixed all the ingredients, and in no time I had a cheap and tasty dish.


Thanks for the responce to my Guest Blogger invitation. Darla will be the first one out on Sunday.

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