Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carrot Soup

Marta's handball practice starts at 4pm two days a week. She has 90 minutes from school ends and till she has to be in the sports hall, and during this time she must walk home from school, change clothes, make herself something to eat and walk to the sports hall. She has been quite good at making herself (and often a friend) some healthy snacks , but is very happy when she can come home from school to a ready dinner. I must go back to work tonight for a meeting, but was able to come home early to make a light dinner for the two of us before her handball. She was very happy when she heard that I would make one of her favorite soups - carrot soup (or sometimes called tomato soup)
Since we have so many carrots still from the sack we bought from a local farmer a few weeks ago, today's version is a carrot soup with the orange colours dominating. The soup consists of olive oil, onion, cellery, carrots, water, salt, pepper, saffron and a finishing touch of white wine.
Braise onion and cellery in olive oil, cut the carrots into thin slices and add (cut the tomato into boats and add, or leave the tomato). Add salt, and after braising for a few minutes cover the vegetables with water. Add more salt, some pepper and saffron to give a warm, yellow colour. Let boil for about 15 minutes. Add a glass of white wine and boil two more second if you are going to use the car in the afternoon. Never any alcohol in connection with driving here in The Blue Café
Serve the soup topped with "rømme" (sour cream) and eat with bread dipped in balsamic vinegar or butter and salt.
Left overs can be eaten for supper with more bread.

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