Saturday, January 26, 2008

Breakfast on a Saturday morning

Marta loves week-end mornings.
She can sleep long, walk around in her pyjamas, and is allowed to eat breakfast in front of the television :-)
I made her breakfast today. A piece of bread with ham and cheese, chives for a little colour, a note from mum saying "I love you". A glass of milk.

Oh yes. It is easy to see why Saturdays and Sundays are favorite days.


UP said...

What a coincidence. I was thinking of having the same thing for breakfast this morning.

Paz said...

I love that plate. I wish someone would make me some breakfast. ;-)


My castle in Spain said...

Hello from Spain, Britt ! thank you so much for your lovely post. This a lovely breakfast. I like this Slow food movement concept and wish to know more about it. Hope it's not too cold in Norway. God bless.

Gudl said...

How nice of you!

Claudia said...

Hello from Germany, Britt!
I found your blog when I visited Agnes Caldwells blog. I like the Norwegian culture, landscape and food. Glad I found your blog.
I'm also very interested in cooking and collecting recipes, but my main interest is painting (see my blog).
...And I l o v e geitost, but only "ekte getost" n o t the Gudbrandsdalen!
Mange hilsen fra