Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chicken the Blue Café way

I uploaded these photos in the beginning of December, but then forgot all about them. Found them again today while doing a little New Year's cleaning in The Blue Café.

Cut chicken filet in pieces and fry in olive oil, salt and pepper. Boil for half an hour in chicken broth and add some creme fraiche. Eat with rice and a green salad.

For dinner today we had turkey leftovers from last night. Turkey mixed with cold rice and pear, sprinkeled with peanuts and eaten with leftovers from the waldorf salad. I was too hungry when I came home from work to remember my camera.


Gudl said...

Hmm, Hmm, good!

Anonymous said...

Tasty! LOL! That has happened to me before, where I make something and am too hungry to pick up my camera and take a photo for my blog. haha!

Paz ;-)