Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leaving Christmas behind.

We have finally finished the last bits of turkey and all the other left overs from Christmas, and it si time to do some serious planning about what to eat for dinner again. As I have told you before we eat dinner quite early in Norway, as soon as possible after we are home from work. I drove to work today (usually I take the bus) and on my way home I picked up my husband. We stopped to grocery shop together, and when we came home he drove along to pick up Marta from handball practice while I started to prepare dinner. We have not had any spaghetti during the holidays, so that's what I wanted to make today. I bought the wholegrain type, just to feel healthier, and to go with the spahgetti I braised leek, cellery and some typical thick Norwegian "middagspølse" - dinner sausage.
At the grocery store I was tempted to buy some Selbu Blå (blue cheese from the village of Selbu, not far from Trondheim), and to eat with the cheese I also bought some salted biscuits. Then I can never have spaghetti without a green salad, today's one was made with a mixture of three different types; ruccola, heart and lollo (I don't know if these names are also what you call them in English though)

I love Christmas and all the typical Christmas food, but it is good to be back to everydays again. And everyday cooking.

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fleur said...

It all looks sooo good! I love pasta dishes. Your salad is very picturesque.
Maybe ruccola is arugula?