Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week-end in the kitchen

I have had a great week-end, sharing my time between books and cooking. Had my family over for dinner on Sunday, 12 around the table for an Italian dinner. I had planned to blog about it, but the cooking made me so busy there was absolutely no time for photographing.

I did take some photos earlier in the day though. Terje and the girls were out skiing but I was home to start the dinner preparations. I became hungry around noon, and decided to make myself a special little treat. Had some thoughts first about making a peanutbutter and banana sandwich, but luckily I decided against it ands took a search in the fridge instead. Found some leftover of an old leek, some celery, garlic, a few mini tomatoes and fresh basil and parsley. I fried some left over bread from breakfast in olive oil, and also fried the vegetables, though the tomatos and the herbs remained fresh. Had some tapenade in the fridge which I spread on the bread, and then topped it with the fried vegetables and some fresh parmesan cheese. Sat alone at the table enjoying the meal, enjoying my solitude, knowing that I would also love a full table later in the day.
Marzelle Hazan writes about the family dinner in her The Classic Italian Cookbook: There probably has been no influence, not even religion, so effective in creating a rich family life, in maintaining a civilized link between the generations, as this daily sharing of a common joy. Eating in Italy is essentially a family art, practiced for and by the family.

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Star said...

You are so right about making the meal a time of enjoying the food without rushing and also enjoying those with whom you share it. Such a delicious looking lunch on a pretty plate.