Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dinner for one!

Home alone! And instead of just making a simple and easy dinner I decided to treat myself with something special - fried pork covered with blue castello, a cold potato salad, a vegetable mix of garlic, onion, cellery and leek braised in virgin olive oil. The meat was followed by coffee and a cocolate covered piece of ginger - which will be shown in The House in the Woods tomorrow.
The food is finished, the dishes are done, a pile of books and our new sofa are patiently waiting for my time.


Naturegirl said...

that potatoe dish I would love.. mmm
pork I don't eat but I could sub with
chicken...You did enjoy every bit!

Tracy said...

I don't eat meat, so I'm afraid I couldn't warm up to half the plate this time--LOL! But love the veggies. That chocolate covered gingers sounds scrumptious...Where do you get them? A little self-induldgence of this kind once in a while is a very good thing! Happy Days :o)

Rose said...

You are so good to make a real dinner for just yourself. I should do the same more often. It's just not easy for me to be inspired to cook for one. But your dinner looks yummy!

Mountain Mama said...

YUM! just a great big YUM! I'd love every bit of it too. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing all of your divine recipes.

Thanks for the food for thought always.
Love Jeanne ^j^