Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seasonal opening of outdoor Blue Café

Today I had "the grand opening" of the season for The Blue Café. We woke up to such a beautiful Sunday, bright sky, shining sun, snow melting. Marta and Terje don't want to let the winter go yet, so both of them went out cross country skiing. Terje alone for exercise, Marta with a friend and her mother for one of these perfect days when you make a fire in the snow, grill sausages, play and have fun. I am more a spring person, so I drove down to the sea and had a lovely walk there, first at the Botanical Garden here in Trondheim, then along the beach.

When I came home, Terje was already here He found some garden furniture, which we store in the playhouse during the cold winter months, while I made coffee and warmed some chocolate filled pastries from the freezer

Later we had an early dinner, before guests came for a coffee party in the afternoon. The dinner meal is an important meal, and I try to gether the family to eat together, but today I made an exception. I did the table, I prepared the food, left over lasagne from last night, and a green salad sprinkled with the first chives which I found hidden under snow and old leaves from last year. But instead of sitting down with the others I brought my plate out into the sunny porch. The day was really too perfect to spend indoors.

Spring is here, and I can look forward to months with lovely meals in the outdoor Blue Café.


Star said...

Our weather can't make up its mind--last Saturday we had more snow and now today it was 84F. We moved my rhubarb, which was just peeking out; I can't wait for some Spring baking. I think you'd find me in your corner helping spring along rather than trying to keep winter from moving along.

Tracy said...

The first chives--delicious! In our kitchen garden patch I found some chives too, and some parsley and thyme--so preserved almost as if winter did not happen--quite a miraculous thing how snow can protect things! Everything is waking up--a joy to behold!

Jeanne said...

So very lovely indeed.
Blessings and sharing of many beautiful times at your Blue Cafe.
Sweetness of Spring is gorgeous for us all.
Be well my friend.
Love Jeanne