Friday, March 30, 2007

Late and light.

I was in Oslo all day yesterday on a meeting. The meeting was shorter than expected, which gave me some great time to walk around in Oslo enjoying spring (will post about this in The House in the Woods tomorrow). I had an early lunch before the meeting, but then ate almost nothing before I came home. Terje had a dinner at work, so the girls made some hotdogs for their dinner. I was not tempted to eat hotdog leftovers when I finally came home, starving, so instead I searched the fridge, found a couple of tomatoes and ended up with a bruschetta.

Bruschetta must be one of the simplest thing to make, still it is so tasty. Braise a couple of pieces of old bread in virgin olive oil. Chop a couple of tomatoes, mix in a little olive oil, chopped leaves of basil and the tiniest amount of seasalt. Spread the cold tomato mixture on the warm bread and start your meal.


Star said...

The problem with this ideas is that my refrigerator never has these delicious leftover ingredients. This looks marvelous!

see you there! said...

Looks delicious.

Tomatoes and Basil. What a combination. I only make that when homegrown tomatoes are available tho. Where do you find good tomatoes this time of year?


Tracy said...

As Darla said, it's so hard finding good tomatoes this time of year. Your later treat here though has the look & taste of summer. It's amazing how something so simple as this can be a huge feast for all the senses! YUM!