Saturday, March 10, 2007

This one is for you Ingrid.

Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen, doing the dishes after alot of baking and cooking. My camera was on the dresser filled with photos from my kitchen fun, and my oldest daughter Ingrid came in and started to play. She loves to photograph, and can never resist an idle camera.
When I downloaded my photos this morning I really couldn't resist this one she took of herself. She might be mad at me when she sees it here (wink,wink Ingrid), so to please her I am also showing one of the photos she shot of me :-) The photos from my kitchen fun will have to wait. here you have mother and daughter.
Happy Sunday!


Tracy said...

Soooo wonderful to see you both, and so lovely! Happy Weekend to you all!

Star said...

All in good fun ;-) A couple of real beauties. I can't wait to see the Italian feast you're preparing for your ski-weary family.