Sunday, October 5, 2008

Italian carbonara, Norwegian bread

A combination of Italian and Norwegian food is what you often find in The Blue Café. In only 12 days I am going to India for three weeks, and I wonder what will happen to my cooking after that experience, but so far Italian spaghetti carbonara eaten with homemade dark bread is not an uncommon dish. Spaghetti carbonara is actually something we eat quite often. It is so simple to make and we all love it.
This time I mixed some diced ham with celery and lemon, just because that's what I found at hand. And the dish was topped with tomatoes from the garden, some late borago flowers, and fresh ruccola from the grocery store (nothing left in the garden)
For the bread I don't have a written recipe. I have bakes this same bread for years and years, and my fingers knows exactly what and how much to put into the bowl.
Eaten dipped in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkeled with a little Maldon salt, and it is almost a meal in itself.


Mouse said...

Indian food is amongst my favourites. I love to make Indian curries and side dishes, the seeds popping in a pan, the scents of tumeric, cloves, cardamon pops, the gentle bubbling sauces on the stove... Add the hip-swaying music of that continent and a good cook book (Madhur Jaffrey's A Taste Of India is a MUST) and you have the recipe for a perfect evening
I am SO looking forward to your trip to India, do you have an itinerary to whet our appetites?

Anne said...

This is my idea of a really perfect meal. Looks delicious.

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Indeed looks delicious, I can imagine myself having this plate with some wine.

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