Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The tomatos are finally ripe

I have several tomato plants, planted together in a huge pot. They are filled with tomatos in all sizes, and every day I lift the branches and leaves to check for ripe red ones. A few weeks ago I moved the pot indoor to give the plants a better temperature, but still I had to wait and wait for the ripening. Untill now. The first red tomato was found a week ago, now there are several every day.
Finally, tonight I had enough to make bruschettas, some old, almost dry bread painted in rich extra virgin olive oil, fried in the iron pan, then topped with diced sweet tomatos with the taste of olive oil and sunshine from a Nordic summer.

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Ann said...

Congratulations on the tomatoes! Ordinarily I would be smiling with condescension, having almost exhausted my tomatoes by this time of year. But they were late this year (I'm glad they didn't come in while I was on vacation in July, as they often do), so I am still enjoying mine, too -- though they are still outside.