Monday, September 22, 2008

Chicken salad and colours from the garden

Our autumn days have so far been filled with sunshine, and everything is growing like mad before the dark and cold season. Chicken salad and pita bread was on the menu for our dinner today, and while grocery shopping, I knew that there would be reds and blues in the carden to colour the salad.
Colours means alot to me, and especially now when the days are getting shorter and I know that alot of gray weeks and months are ahead of me. I am a colour collector, and love to blend different colours, to increase my food palette with new colours, to play.

In the kitchen salad I used what I had, mixed with a few buys from the grocery store - chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, leek, red salad and blue flowers from the garden, and a dressing of vinegar balsamic, the best olive oil I have, drops of fresh lemon and maldon salt.

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Annie said...

This sounds like a divine dinner. This and a dessert for DH and we will be in business this Saturday. Lovely colors from the garden. Alas, I have none that are edible.