Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gone Fishing

During the summer months we spend alot of time at our cabin, two hours from Trondheim, near the coast. Last week-end we opened the cabin for the season, and with May 1st as a red calendar day and an opportunity for us all to take Friday off, we had a long week-end there.

Cabin life is quite another way of living, far from our busy and hectic everyday life. Here we can sit for hours enjoying the singing of birds, the colours of flowers, we can work in the forest and the flower beds, we can hike the mountains..........and we love fishing.

Saturday night was fishing night. Not the best luck, but my husband got three coalfishes which we fried for breakfast Sunday morning. My husband is a fish frying master. I know his recipe, but somehow not his secret (I wounder if it is the amount of pepper he is using), so my fish is never as good as when he fries them.........Well, may be the secret is the pleasure of eating homemade food without having to do the cooking myself :-)


Gudl said...

It looks delicious! All your photos look so nice. I love the lake photos!
So peaceful.

Mouse said...

I'd love to catch fish for my supper. Being in Brittany I think a sea fishing trip may be possible. On verra!