Sunday, April 13, 2008

With loving hands.

Readers of my several blogs have heard about my special birthday this year for weeks now. My anticipation, the family celebration in Italy, the "real" day and the coming garden party in June. I guess you are fed up long ago, but as my blogs are just as much my memory diary as it is written for my readers, I can't let this period pass without photos and words about the chocolate cake my husband and youngest daughter made for my birthday.

With celebrations before and after The Day, April 10th, 50 years since my birth, was a quiet day. Though with family around we were still 10 around the dinner table, and afterwards around the coffee table. I am usually the cake maker in our family (Marta seems to be the one soon to take over though), but Terje has had his own speciality through almost all of our soon to be 28 years of marriage - a chocolate cake which we call "Mokka kake".

Wednesday I was sent out of the kitchen, and father and daughter made my chocolate dream together - yet another Mokka kake from The Blue Café.


Anonymous said...

As I had an important birthday last year, I decided to call 2007 my year of celebration and had several little parties and outings. Do you know, I felt quite sad when the year was over as my excuse was passed. Enjoy your year of celebration. Anne

Gudl said...

Sorry to be so late...but still heartfelt ! Happy Birthday.
May God bless you.
Nice cake!!