Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cheese souffle and a salad, and a few thoughts about food

Friday and Saturday nights are nights with something extra good to eat. Normally we eat our dinner around 5pm, but these nights we eat late, and I enjoy my time in the kitchen preparing the food. After a long period of pastas and pizzas I felt it was full time for something else, and my choice fell on a cheese souffle. Marta was the only kid at home and souffle (except chocolate souffle) is not her choice, but we had some leftover tomato soup in the fridge which she was more than happy to have.
Eating together, taking time to enjoy food and company is important. And soemthing we tend to forget more and more. I am a supporter of the slow food movement, and though our days are often busy, we love to share stories and silence over a meal. It can be a simple meal or it can be more sophisticated, company and time is always important. And for me it is a rule (very seldom broken) that we have no television on while we eat. The company we have in each other, the joy and pleasure we get from the food is not to be ruined by today's "house god", the television.


UP said...

Britt-Arnhild, What a great idea. My wife is off work tomorrow and I think I will suggest a cheese souffle for dinner. P works hard and often comes home still stressed and tired. However, on her days off she loves to cook. Thanks for the idea.

Gudl said...

You are absolutely right. Eating together is important and a time to remember. I love your photos of the food!

Jeanne said...

Such lovely food presentations and again happy 50th.
Love Jeanne