Friday, July 20, 2007

Salad time.

Today is my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary and we are celebrating all week-end. The main party will be in my parents' flat today with children and grandchildren, 19 all in all (two of the oldest grandsons weren't able to come). And tomorrow we will keep on celebrating in The Blue Garden.
Two of my brothers live out of town, one up north on The Lofoten Island, one in Iceland, and now we are all together here in Trondheim. The House in the Woods is full and the kitchen is busy from early morning till late night.
Greens and colours from the herb garden plays an important role in my kitchen, and these days more and more salads are created. Healthy, tasty and colourfuls. And my fingers have the most delicious smells all day long.

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Wendy WaterBirde said...

I keep forgetting to check this blog, which is a shame becuase i love it. This salad just jumped out at me, it looks sooooooooo good! A shame to eat such a work of art but my tummy disagrees and wishes i could reach for the plate : )

Paix ,