Monday, July 16, 2007

Back home from two weeks in Italty.

We have spent the past two weeks in Italy, feasting on the tasty food of this lovely country. We have stayed in two different flats during our vacation and I have cooked several of our dinners. But mostly we have eaten out - pizzas, pastas, meat and seafood, almost always starting with a bruschetta, always ending the night with a gelati. Sweet dreams.
When we came home late Saturday night our daughter had prepared dinner for us, but yesterday the kitchen was mine again. With an almost empty fridge it was a challenge, but "search and you shall find". And an overgrown herbgarden helped alot.
I made a pizza, and a green salad coloured with the first blue borago and alot of fresh oregano. And I went over to Ilva's foodblog for alot of new inspiration for days and meals to come.

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