Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Rice Porridge/risengrynsgrøt

Today is one of the favorite days in my year. I am decorating for Advent. Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, the first candle in the Advent wreath will be lit during breakfast, the Advent star will shine in the livingroom window, purple wil be the dominant colour. I have a secret cupboard down in the basement where I keep all my Advent and Christmas decorations, and I am bursting with anticipation every year when I open the cupboard on the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent, to look through my treasures. Monday is December 1st, and my Advent Basket will be waiting for me in the morning, the basket fillings are all down in the basement cupboard somewhere.
I spend most of today at home, and surrounded with so many memories from the past I get a need for some traditional cooking. All through my childhood, and also when our own kids were small, we used to have "risengrynsgrøt", rice porridge, for Saturday lunch. Nowadays I make it only occationally, but today was a perfect porridge day.

4 servings (+ some leftover for "rislapper")
3dl porridge rice
3dl water
1liter milk

Boil porridge rice and water for a few minutes. Add the milk, get it to the boiling point, turn donw the heath and let it "almost boil" for about 45 minutes, Add a little salt.

Serve with butter, sugar, cinnamon and raisins


vonnie said...

yummmm........i enjoy, too, rommegrot, and plain grot...
The plain grot made with milk and thickened with flour is on my "comfort food" list along with risengrot and rommegrot! Advent is a favorite time for us, too!

Perroula said...

Hi Britt-Arnhild!

Thanks for the recipe, I love porridge but, for some reason, I only get to eat it in Sweden. This time however I feel like following your recipe and making some myself :-)

Could you please tell me what is porridge rice? If one doesn't have any, what's an alternative kind of rice to use?

Mouse said...

Porridge is such a comfort in the winter. I make mine with milk and, I have to confess, I them sprinkle it with sugar and add a swirl of cream... my excuse is that I need calories in winter but really I long for a taste of my childhood

Mathias said...

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kamagra said...

Lovely dishes, the rice looks delicious, that of the year also brings back so many memories.

Floribeth Vega-Betty said...

When I lived in Bergen, adored when they prepare it in the cafe at the University ... mmm ... delicious ... I loved that serve a lot of rice and add lots of sugar with cinnamon and raisins ...