Sunday, November 23, 2008

Salmon for breakfast

It is snowing outside, King Winter came early and he came strong. Indoors it is time for fires, mugs of tea, hot chocolate and books. Piles of books. I have a long list of books I want to hike my way through this winter, and I have a year's subscription of Food and Travel to enjoy. They are nicely stacked in a woven basket, waiting patiently for me to armchairtravel the world through recipes and colourful photos. And there are cookbooks. Cookbooks are not only for recipes, mostly for me they are for reading, enjoying, mindtravelling.
Most of all though, Sunday mornings are for long, slow breakfasts.
In the fridge I found a few tiny little pieces of smoked salmon. The girls love salmon, so when we buy some, I never know how long it will last, or rather, I know it will not last long. But the few small pieces were enough for me and Terje to get the right taste of salmon with our omelette. And with some foccaccia from last night, warmed to get back some of the fresh, crisp taste, the leftover breakfast became a perfect feast for a dark November morning.

3 eggs
some cream, milk or water
spring onion


Ilva said...

What breakfast! I once managed to buy Norwegian wild salmon and I will never forget that, it was sooo god!

sukipoet said...

Delicious way to start the day. I've never thought of having leftover Salmon for breakfast. Here, we mostly can find farmed salmon but sometimes wild.

see you there! said...

That looks so tasty on the pretty little plate. DH is particularly fond of salmon for breakfast.