Monday, November 24, 2008

Limonade from the garden

The kitchen is mostly my domene, at least when we talk about preparing food. My husband often comes after the meal is finished to help with the cleaning. (praise to him!). But from time to time Terje decides that he wants to "make some food". The coming month will be a busy one for him, as he is a great Christmas cookies baker. I can't wait to all the delicious smells which will float from the kitchen when he starts.
Last week-end he woke to a kitchen day. In the freezer he found the berries he had put there a few months back, now it was time to transform them into limonade.
Black and red currants were the main ingredients this time. We have a limonade boiler, old bottles were warmed in the oven, and soon a warm, sweet smell filled the house.

This limonade is the best you can get, giving us a taste of summer all year.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I tip my hat to him. This looks very complicated.

Quintar said...

I love saft! I would drink gallons of it every time I went back to Bergen for summer, my mormor made it just like this. Though lemonade is made with lemons, "saft" would translate as "punch" in English. Or if you want to be technical it's black and red currant concentrate.