Sunday, March 16, 2008

More lemon - a taste of Italy

We are going down to Italy with the first flight tomorrow morning, all of us, me, my husband, four kids, a boyfriend and my parents. To celebrate my birthday. The others will stay for one week, I will stay for two. We have been to church this morning, on Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday as it is also called, and now we are all busy packing. But first we had lunch, and without any spesific plans I decided to try to empty the fridge before we all leave the house. Spaghetti is always in a cupboard, I had a lemon, a squash and the half of a paprika to challenge myself with. When I also found some cream I knew that the lunch was saved. Spaghetti with lemon sauce.
Cut the squash, the paprika and some garlic and braise it smooth in extra virgin olive oil. The lemon was cut in two halves and the juice from one of the halves found its way to the pan. (I still have some lemon left from my late tea tonight). Add cream for a thick, creamy and tasty sauce.

The spaghetti was boiled al dente and was served with the sauce, cold water and bread. A perfect taste of Italy.
I will not be able to update this blog during my two weeks away, but I will try to write a few posts at The House in the Woods.


smilnsigh said...

Have a glorious holiday!

And Happy Birthday!!!


debra said...

tastes like Spring! HAppy birthday

Mary Alice said...

That sounds so delicious. I have all the ingredients too. I'll have to make that for supper tormorrow. Thank you for the inspiration!