Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marta's Limonade

I have called Marta, now 12, my apprentice. This is not the right title anymore, I must change it to co-chef. She loves reading cookbook (just like her mother) and she loves playing in the kitchen (just like her mother). I have been "on the road" yesterday and came home late. She was not in bed yet, "you know mum, it is Easter break now and I can't go to bed before you have read a chapter from Harry Potter!" (We have only a few chapters left of the last book, what shall we read next.......)

Well, instead of a sleeping Marta I was met with a delicious smell from the kitchen. Marta was just finished making waffler and coffee, perfect supper for her, me and daddy. And as soon as we had finished the waffles I had regained enough energy after my long day of working to read yet another HP chapter.

I have written about waffles here at The Blue Café already, so instead I'll give you the recipe of one of Marta's specialities; limonade:
1 1/2 l water
6 tablesp sugar
peeled lemon skin
1dl lemon juice
ice cubes
sparkling water
Boil water sugar and peeled lemon skin, let boil for 5 minutes. Cool.
Add lemon juice
Cool in fridge for a couple of hours
Decorate the top of the glass with sigar and lemon juice.
Enjoy the limonade cold with ice cubes.

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BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

This sounds like a delicious lemonade recipe! (Thank you, Marta!) Two of my four children LOVE making their own lemonade, and I think we will try this recipe the next time we make it. =)