Thursday, August 23, 2007

For busy days

Vacations, travels, gardening, work, has all taken from my time in the kitchen. I do cook every day (almost), and I do bake bread and cakes. But I have used my old recipes. I have made dinner which I have made so many times I don'¨t have to thing - my steps take me to the grocery store, my arms knows exactly what to put in the shopping basket, and when I come home the work in the kitchen is done without much thinking :-)
I have started to read cookbooks in the evenings now, a good sign that creativity soon will start to bloom in the kitchen. And eventually I will start to blog about my new meals and dishes. And I will show you some new and great cookbooks. But I am not there yet. Yesterday I spent all afternoon in the garden fighting the weeds, so for my empty stomack I made a family favorite - bruschettas.
The tomatoes in the garden are not ripe yet......when they are we will feast on tomatoes :-)

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