Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Frequent guests at The Blue Café know how fond I am of leftovers. It triggers my artistic sense, make me want to create something quite new, something tasty, something which bind together what we sense through taste and sight.

Our weekly Saturday rice porridge is a perfect start for leftovers. Sweet rice cream for Sunday dessert (will blog it later) and if there is still more cold porridge left it is a perfect base for lapper or patches. And Marta is the one to reign in the kitchen.

Leftovers of riceporridge mixed with melted butter, milk, wheat flour, a little sugar.
Mix it to a smooth dough.
Fry the lapper/patches on both sides in a pan.

We eat them hot with strawberry jam.


Star said...

reminds me of fruit crepes (only thicker!) Mmmmmm

see you there! said...

Here I am, fork in hand. A plate of those will do nicely for breakfast this morning. I'll bring the coffee.

I love the name lapper/patches. It just sounds like something fun to eat.


Tracy said...

I've had lapper, but not made from rice porridge leftovers before--they look good! This definitely something for my DH! Happy Days! :o)