Friday, February 23, 2007

Chocolate temptation.

I know it's Lent and a period for simple food for some. We do celebrate Lent, also in The Blue Café, but more important than stop eating sweets, meat and so on, we try to spend more time together as a family.
I was given several extra hours to do that today. I was supposed to fly two hours south in Norway to a day meeting, but when I came to the airpost this morning, the icy wind was so heavy my plane just flew over Trondheim, not being able to land. I managed to take part in the meeting by phone, and got all the travel hours as a bonus. And decided to spend it in The Blue Café's kitchen making a sweet fondue.
Chocolate Fondue.

Melt dark chocolate and cream on the oven. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Fill a fondue pot with the sweet mixture and place it on the table. Make sure to keep the chocolate warm.

Dice your favorite fruits. Today I used oranges, bananas, pinapple and strawberries. And also filled a bowl with mashmallows.

Dip the fruit dices in the chocolate and eat right from the fondue fork. Enjoy your time around the table, and never ever raise your voice when your daughter spills chocolate on your clean white tunica.

A perfect read for Lent is
Chocolate by Joanne Harris. And a blog filled with chocolate temptations right now is CreamPuffs in Venice.


Star said...

This looks scrumptious. And my initial look at Cream Puffs in Venice left me practically drooling.

Helene said...

Looks so decadent! Time spent with the family is always something to be cherished.
Nice blog.

Ivonne said...

Thank you so much for the link! And your fondue is making my mouth water. I'm sorry I haven't been around that much lately!