Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pancakes for birthday breakfast

Two birthday kids in two days. We combined and invited to dinner last night, family, mid-20 students and on the step to become teenager girls. A success. Marta, who is 13 years+one day old today had a few of her best friends to sleep over, and this morning I woke them with a pile of pancakes, ready to fill with blueberry jam made of blueberries we picked last summer. Grandma and grandpa, who couldn't come for the dinner last night, came up and had pancakes with us.

Recipe for pancakes? Well, I don't think I have ever used any, never in my life. I learned to make it as a girl, just like I have taught all our kids to make them, still without recipes.

Start with eggs, add milk, melted butter, salt, a little sugar, flour. Stir well, look forward to the meal and the people you will share the pancakes with, keep on stiring. Rest before frying the pancakes. Do the table with more than a teaspoon of love. Enjoy the food, compare blue tongues.

Music for this? Do you have any suggestion?


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

What a feast for breakfast! Hope you all had a good morning :-)

creampuff said...

Pancakes with friends = best birthday gift!

Claudia said...

Hi britt-Arnhild, I would propose Rossini with the pancakes! he loved foof, as far as I know, and his music is always so uplifting!

Claudia said...

...sorry for the spelling, it was my keyboard's fault;-))

trexni said...

i love pancakes.. looks delicious

Alit said...

A nice song for breakfast is some one from erick clapton.

You can try add gave nectar its delisious