Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rislapper, rice pancakes

Today is "tredje juledag", 3rd day of Christmas. In Norway Christmas starts with Christmas Eve, or rather the day before when we decorate the Christmas tree, and then it last for 13 or 20 days (we have both traditions). So when many of my friends around the world say good bye to Christmas these days, our celebrations have just started. I am off work all untill the 5th of January, so I have a long time to enjoy the tree and the music, the family parties and the Christmas food, and long days for reading. The cold room in the basement is filled with leftovers after the celebrations so far, and it is always alot of fun to see what I can make from it.
Today is our annual family juletrefest, Christmas Tree Party. We all bring along food, and as my mother will bring a huge plate of small breads with meat, I decided I could bring the marzipan cream cake I made for Christmas Eve. There were so much else on the late night coffee table then, so only a small part of the cake was eaten. Terje and I had two small pieces for our morning coffee today, and it tastes just as good as it did 3 days ago. I will also bring rislapper, small rice pancakes, made from the leftover from the rice porridge we had for lunch on Christmas Eve.

cold left over rice porridge
white flour
melted butter
Mix all, let it rest for half an hour, fry small cakes in the pan just like when you make pancakes.
I am sorry I don't have any better recipe, these rislapper are typical "make as you go".

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Anonymous said...

I love your food blog which I discovered this morning I'm from New Zealand & we don't go to nearly as much trouble with our food but I think I just might try to from now on..