Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marzipan cake for New Year's Eve

The guests will be here in a few hours. The only thing left for me to make is the foccacia. I want it warm and fresh, and wait till the last minute to bake it. Everything else is finished, I even found time for a nap, and I can feel the partymood filling me. Once more we will welcome the New Year, together and with good friends.

I have been busy in the kitchen all since I woke up early this morning. Not much time yet for reflections and lists of New Year's resolutions. That will have to wait till tomorrow. Today I am busy, today I am counting my blessings, today I look back and I look at what I have here and now.

When I woke up this morning it was snowing outside. After weeks of dirty old snow and ice, the world is again white and new. The garden looks beautiful and the snowflakes has a taste of heaven - yes, I've tasted them :-)

The snow and the festive colours of New Year's Eve inspired my cream cake.

My cake is made of eggs, sugar, white flour and baking powder. Cut in two layers and filled with strawberry jam and whipped cream, Covered in more whipped cream and then clothed in marzipan. And I know it will taste good.

Music for a New Year's Eve:


Susan said...

How delightful! I love Marzipan!

Claudia said...

Beautiful cake! And the music suggestion is wonderful (I own the same CD - as Grieg is my all-times favourite composer)...

Britt-Arnhild said...

Marzipan cake is the favorite in The Blue Café Susan. If you ever come here you will probabl,y get some.

Claudia - I love Grieg too :-)